Muadh (rA) Scholarship

The DENAROZA FOUNDATION is excited to award a scholarship to a student of Kitab-khana of Qaumi Madrasha of last year having Hifj on the holy Quran at Bangladeshi citizen for the year 2016. The recipient of this award will be sorted out from over the country. Actually the foundation is trying to enhance the professional skills of students of qaumi madrasha by providing activities and events which promote growth and personal development. At DENAROZA FOUNDATION we truly value leadership development, career planning and life long learning.

Scholarship Eligibility

(1) Must be Bangladeshi citizen.

(2) Must have Hifj on the holy Quran.

(3) Must be a regular student of last year at Kitab-khana of Qaumi Madrasha.

(4) Must demonstrate financial need.



All application must be e-mailed in PDF form to no later than October 1, 2015 by midnight.


In the application form, include your full name with address and the name of your Kitab-khana and Hifj-khana. File name must be in the following form: last name_first name_kitab-khana name.pdf

Application requirments

(1) Personal statement describing your academic and personal goals. Your statement should not more than 500 words. Also explain how the Muadh (rA) Scholarship will help you finance your need.

(2) List of any Leadership, Volunteer Service, Chilla, Omra, Haj, Extracurricular Activities you are/were involved in.

Next step

Only completed applications will be considered. All applications must be received by October 1, 2015 and only completed application will be selected to go on to second round for an interview. The recipient of the Muadh (rA) Scholarship for the year 2016 will be selected by Muadh (rA) Scholarship committee consensus.

To download an application for the scholarship just Click here

For more information:

Muadh (rA) Scholarship Committee