DENAROZA FOUNDATION is an organization owned by Engineer Morshed Denar Alam Manna and Doctor Aforza Akber. It is totally a welfare and unprofitable fraternity. It starts with an endeavor to help poor women and children those who can not afford for their proper treatment and education. As Bangladesh is a moderatly developed country, it is really difficult for only the government to give all the facilities that people deserves. So, we thought we have some responsibilities being the citizen of the country. We think every single man and woman should come forward for the development of the country. In this attempt we thank all the friends and well wishers who supports us and join us.    

Our exertions:

1. Muadh Ibn Jabal (rA) Scholarship

The DENAROZA FOUNDATION is excited to award a scholarship to a student of Kitab-khana of Qaumi Madrasha of last year having Hifj on the holy Quran at Bangladeshi citizen for the year 2016. The recipient of this award will be sorted out from over the country. Actually the foundation is trying to enhance the professional skills of students of qaumi madrasha by providing activities and events which promote growth and personal development. At DENAROZA FOUNDATION we truly value leadership development, career planning and life long learning. more

2. Free Friday Clinic for poor women.

3. Ashroy-old home

4. Free Text Book for Madrasha (Qaumi and Aliya)

5. Free Text Book for Primary and High School (Online)

6. Free Islamic Book Store (Online). 

7. Free Engineering Book Store (Online).

8. Free Medical Book Store (Online)

9. Free Mosque Directory of Bangladesh (Online).

10. Free Map Directory of Bangladesh (Online).



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